Risk Management & Environment Engineering


Post Graduate degree. French National Qualification – Level 1. European Qualification Framework – Level 7. 2 or 5 years pathway.

This academic career lead to the title of Graduate Engineer of the École supérieure angevine d’informatique et de productique, specializing in Computer Science and Networks.

The courses allow students to develop broad knowledge and skills in risk management and envrionment engineering (Environment & circular economy, energy management, overall safety & crisis management, prevention of industrial and natural’s risks, QHSE, environment and energetics transition) but also, in general engineering culture (communication, foreign languages, project management, management).

The degree is accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs and has the EUR-ACE label.

5 years


12 months


2 semesters



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Engineering program

Year 1

Sept – June : Integration program, Courses & Projects on Campus

Short Program abroad (1 month)

Technical Internship (1 month)

Engineering program

Year 2

Sept – Feb : Courses & Projects on Campus

Exchange program in North America (1 semester)

Engineering program

Year 3

Sept – Jan : Courses & Projects on Campus

Exchange program (1 semester)

Technical Internship (2 months)

Engineering program

Year 4

Sept – Dec : Integration program, Intensive French Courses, Courses & Projects on Campus
Jan – June : Courses & Projects, on Campus, French Courses

Technical Internship (3 months)

Engineering program

Year 5

Exchange program (1 semester)

Technical Internship (6 months)


QHSE Coordinator,
Health Safety Environment Manager
Industrial risk management engineer,
Risk Manager
Energy design engineer,
Energy Consultant
Environment and sustainable development engineer
CSR Manager
Crisis manager
Crisis management manager
Energy design engineer,
Industrial and territorial ecology coordinator


In the 4th year of your engineering program, you will specialize in :

Common Core

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Management of organizations
  • Risk Management
  • International culture
  • Communication & Professional Project
  • Internship

Environmental & energy transition

Your challenge will be to decide with circularity in mind and to design strategies that enable development in an environmentally responsible and energy sustainable context.


6 300 €

per year – Year 1/2

8 050 €

per year – Year 3/4/5

Campus fees included (150 €/year)



  • Erasmus Exchange
  • High School diploma


  • Application Deadlines: Application closes 15th July
  • Application Process: Academic File Evaluation + Online Interview
  • Erasmus: Nomination deadline : 15th Nov. for Summer program, 15th May for Winter program.


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