ESAIP and the UCO hosted Monday, May 2, 2016 a delegation from Changchun Normal University, located in the northeast of China with 18,000 students.

The aim of this visit is to advance the project to create a “Sino-French college”that would mean Chinese and French students obtain a double degree. This project is supported by ESAIP and UCO Angers but also ISEN of Toulon.

The first cohort should be start in September 2016 in China to welcome students in September 2017 in France.

A marathon day

This visit gave our visitors the chance to see for themselves the working conditions for students and  an introduction to the area :a rich culture, a green and unspoiled setting, skills and experience  in relation to the needs of the Chinese region especially in terms of industrial and natural risk prevention, water management and treatment.

The delegation visited ESAIP and the Cyberdefence l and environmental analysis aboratories, UCO and ETSCO (including its water treatment laboratories), the CIDEF (French language training and culture for foreigners) the St Aubin Lasalle student residence and Anjou Actiparc pole 49 St Barthélemy d’Anjou.