The departure of the two esaip teams for the 4L Trophy, the biggest rally for students in Europe, was on Monday, February 15 from our campus in Angers. A cheerful ceremony was attended by the press and fans. Christophe Rouvrais, CEO of ESAIP, set them on their way to Biarritz for the official start. Before they left we chatted with Amandine and Aurélien as well as with Corentin, with his co-driver Julien.

Why are you participating in the 4L Trophy?

Amandine : It is above all the sense of adventure, the humanitarian project and being around people either before or during the 4L Trophy that made us want to participate.

Corentin : For us, as students in the “prepa”, it has given us the chance to develop a project from A to Z. However, our primary motivation is to participate in this great journey with these beautiful cars. We have only had very positive feedback, which made us want to give it a go.

What does the rally represent for you?

C : The discovery of Morocco and exchange with the locals.

A : The discovery and mutual aid are the key concepts of the raid, so bringing school supplies to schoolchildren in Morocco is very motivating.

C : And also we have been helped by so many people!

A : Yes, because behind us there is the support of so many people :sponsors, our families, ESAIP, other participants and all those who made donations. As soon as people on the street see the 4L they come and talk to us. It’s like a big family and it helps to meet many people. For me it is also the discovery of the mechanical and driving side of things.

Doesn’t having so many people supporting you put you under too much pressure?

A : No, on the contrary, it is motivating us. What scares me is the mechanical control of the car at Biarritz. Everything could stop there. If we are not up to standard at thepre-depart technical controls… After that if everything goes well, I want to make the people who follow us proud, and bring home memories and photos !

C : Yes, it may all stop abruptly. Also, we felt a little pressure launching the project with the sponsors so we must get through. But the stress came on strong this weekend, as we begin to realise it was really going to happen !

What are your goals ?

C : Come back with the car! (Laughs). We want to make the most of the experience, there is not really any spirit of competition.

A : If you are in the lead, great, but it’s not the goal. What we are looking forward to are the exchanges with the Moroccan children. We will be faced with another culture and I think it will be pretty destabilizing … We are really looking forward to be the big start.

Any last minute repairs ?

C : Everything has been ready for a week, the car was waiting just for us, all we had to do was load it up !.

A : Fortunately, we still had a logo to finish by hand and excess cables to tape up to make it beautiful! (Laughs). We decided to do all the decoration by hand, we wanted it to be “home-made”, it was great to do.

C : And then yesterday we went to the gathering of all the participants from Anjou , and then we were right into it.

Your beautiful 4L attracts the attention of everyone who passes by. Can you tell us a little a tell us a little about it ?

A : My boyfriend took part in the 4L Trohpy 3 years ago with this car . Since then it has slept in the backyard under a tarp. We had to work on it, to get it back in to shape..

C : Ours also has participated in the 4L Trophy. We bought specifically for the event. If we can keep it after Fine But first of all Adventure time !

Follow our two crews on social networks: 4L ESAIP The Frenchies on the run. 4L de l’ESAIP et Les Frenchies en cavale.

Photos from start to finish on Google +.

We wish them “Bon Voyage “and that they come back safe with many happy memories !