STUDENT engage

STUDENT engage : a core value at esaip

Student engagement is valued at ESAIP . our school seeks to train engineers who have personal values that define them

Thursday, April 4, 2019, 3 associations of the ESAIP went to the Student Initiatives Colloquium organized by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles. More than 100 associations and student projects came together to present, exchange experiences and create synergies. This was a great opportunity for ESAIP to demonstrate its wide panel of associations and clubs. Our students pitched their skills they have acquired thanks to their engagment.

Student commitment really is a thing at ESAIP and is at the heart of our engineering education. Each student must be the heart of a project, either in the school or outside. On our two campuses, Angers and Aix-en-Provence, there are about thirty associations and clubs with different themes: e.g. Student life, sport and leisure, arts and culture, sustainable development, humanitarian, junior company or networking and partnerships…

This commitment is an asset for our future engineers who develop personal, human, organizational and budgetary skills … at the heart of projects managed from A to Z. These skills are in addition to the technical skills taught in class and allow students to add strengths to their engineering profile, the values of openness, a sense of commitment … Qualities to value and sought after by recruiters, as the article written by Les Echos explains “Student engagement: An asset for professional life”