Operation Zero Butt

Operation Zero Butt

ESAIP and its students rolled-out the 2nd edition of Operation Zero Butt on Saturday, February 2 in Angers.
Twenty esaipiens, members of
Handi’Namique and Mego! picked up and collected butts on the ground in the center of Angers.

The goal of Operation Zero Butt ?

Rid the city of its cigarette butts but especially educate citizens on the consequences of throwing butts on the ground, possible recycling solutions and the circular economy. Pocket ashtrays were distributed to smokers.

You need to know that a butt pollutes 500 liters of water. Each butt thrown on the ground pollutes our soil, aquatic environments, kills aquatic life and vegetation. We must react and provide solutions!

In 2 hours, our team picked up 8000 butts. They will be recycled and upgraded by Mego! into pocket ashtrays, pencil pots, garbage cans …
Operation Zero Butt was organized by ESAIP and a group of students in the environment and circular economy major in our Engineer-e Prevention of risks, environment programme