The Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Catholic University of the West, and the other several founding members including esaip have launched, the Institute of Complex Interactions, (labeled AngersFrenchTech). I²X will represent one of the most important R&D forces in France in the field of DataSciences.

The I²X institute will act in the field of technologies related to decision science and, data processing (Data Sciences and Algorithmic, Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Big Data and related technologies) and simulation

Provide state-of-the-art skills for business

Making available resources for its members (Startups, SME, large companies), I²X aims to facilitate the emergence of technologies designed to describe, analyze and predict complex interactions (human to humain, humain to machines, humain to environments) by putting into place a multidisciplinary skills network. Industrialists, researchers, managers, schools and institutions will work together to share and build on their work.

The aim of the institute is to ensure the promotion of the work of its members, the creation of collaborative research and development projects and the search for funding for the development of these projects. I2X will also seek to strengthen training and research facilities in the field.

Some examples of projects:

  • Systems for detecting suspicious behavior of vehicles and boats, via the real-time analysis of AIS and GPS traces
  • System for the detection, identification and geolocalisation of gunfire for infantryman on the battlefield
  • Study of the impact of visualization methods on the decision-making of leaders in crisis environments
  • Prediction of high voltage equipment failures
  • Analysis and prediction of road accidents in an area.