The passport for an international career

ESAIP offers students the opportunity to obtain a dual degree, that is to say an engineering degree from ESAIP and a Master’s from a German university. This double diploma is:

  • a clear added value for your first position
  • a real asset when dealing with the intercultural challenges and issues of internationalization.
  •  the label “trilingual international engineer” greatly increases the value of a candidate.

“Today I am very pleased to have made the effort my choice has afforded me huge opportunities, like the position I now hold in the nuclear industry in Germany” Laura, a recent graduate

For this dual-degree ESAIP student-engineers must produce:

  • A Master’s thesis 100% in German
  • A “Memoire”, in three languages
  • An an oral defence. in three languages.

All international double degree courses involve an additional study abroad semester. The French CTI requires that a dual degree candidate must undertake at most one year of the program at esaip. In any cases, three semesters and a long internship leading to an engineer’s Master’s Thesis must be validated by the school providing the initial engineering degree.

ESAIP encourages strongly all its students to discover the varied cultures of our world, so there are no additional fees for students on dual diplomas. Tuition fees are the same as for other ESAIPiens throughout the three years of the engineering cycle.

Dual-degree programmes at esaip :

  • Hochschule Darmstadt (IT)
  • Hochschule STUTTGART, REUTLINGEN, ESSLINGEN, Nuertingen (environment)