A group of 20 people was formed this year for a course and a coaching program. The opportunity to consolidate skills and acquire new tools to succeed in a competitive environment. It also allows alumni to compare their projects to the real world by the application of concepts and interaction with the accompanying coaches.

Friday, February 5, five projects were presented:

  • The creative uses of hazelnut shells
  • A QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) Communication agency
  • Agri-Networks-International
  • A shortened supply chain for Poultry Distribution
  • Recycling of waste in innovative materials


Our young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the many local and national competitions to promote their ideas. The project “Waste recovery in innovative materials” won 1st prize at SIVAL. Ludovic Briand (promo ESAIP 2002) and his ESA teammates won € 3,000, a year of hosting from Weforge and 1 year of support from Végépolys.

Success stories and testimonials

Ludovic cohort ESAIP 2002 Winner of “Agreen Startup” (SIVAL)

“This support has given me a structure, a method. You can find all sorts of stuff on the internet but no one to guide you. Having consultants who guide you and transfer their methodology is far more effective. “(…)” I am also in contact with Angers Technopole, one does not exclude the other, but I feel that this training is an accelerator: I am really pleased ! “

Pierre cohort ESAIP 2016 (in his last year at Esaip)

“Personally I was waiting for this entrepreneurial program: how to build a business plan, learning the possible legal entities and which one to choose, which legal framework … we worked on concrete projects oriented agro (ESA) and Risk Prevention & Environment (ESAIP). Everything is done in a very friendly atmosphere and we had many gives rise to many exchanges. “