integrated preparatory cycle

Integrated preparatory cycle – English section

2 year | Angers Campus | Admission : Scientific Degrees | Leading to ESAIP’s engineering program

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The English section of the ESAIP preparatory cycle- is a great way, to prepare for the international framework of our Engineering School

Cycle open to French and international students with a Baccalaureate, French or IB, or equivalent Secondary School Diploma

Why choose the ESAIP English preparatory cycle?

Unlike a conventional scientific preparatory program, The ESAIP English preparatory cycle gives you the opportunity to work in a concrete international context.

You will discover what the professionals really do with experiences abroad, have many different projects, most of the programme in English…

Close support for students from a dedicated team guarantees a stimulating and collaborative environment to launch new challenges and build a career.

60% courses in English | 40% courses in French |2 foreign languages | LV3 “Discovery” Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic… | 2 experiences abroad

An international framework

  • 60% of courses in English, 40% in French (science and technology)
  • LV2 German or Spanish
  • LV3 «discovery» a choice of Chinese, Russian, Japanese, or Arabic (minimum 5 students to open a group)
  • 2 experiences abroad: short program of one month + internship in a company of one month
  • Followed by the Engineering Cycle in English (science and technology courses in English + a major in 4th year)

Upgrade your Sciences: Don’t panic

Everyone can succeed in science. It’s what we do!. It’s all about work, training and method. The six weeks of integration allow you to learn how to succeed in a new teaching environment because the requirements in higher education are different to high school:

  • Group work on your high-school skills
  • Remedial work in maths, physics and chemistry
  • Learning methodology for Science
  • Learning to Learn
  • Course materials, exercises and a methodological guide are provided
  • Specific support every Thursday afternoon

Prepa 1

  • 7 weeks of integration
  • Training at ESAIP
  • Scientific projects in teams
  • Personal project
  • Short program abroad (1 month)

Prepa 2

  • Training at ESAIP
  • Scientific projects in teams
  • Personal Project continues
  • Internship abroad (1 month)

In the 2nd year, teaching staff from the 2 engineering programs teach courses in their field of expertise to help you in your choice of engineering programme: Digital Engineer and Engineer Prevention of risks, environment.


Classes from Monday to Friday | 5 weeks vacation between September and June | Common core (over 2 years)


  • Analysis, Algebra, Geometry
  • Probability, statistics
  • Chemistry, Physics
  • Measurement techniques
  • History of science
  • Science Projects

Business Environment

  • General business culture
  • Communication Techniques, Office Tools
  • Economics
  • Professional Ethics
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Project management
  • Professional project
  • Internship preparation and feedback

Languages and international culture

  • English + Spanish / German / Italian
  • International cultures

Engineering careers

  • Integration project – learn differently
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Business Themes for ESAIP Engineers
  • Personal project

Business topics

Courses designed to facilitate the discovery of the business themes covered in the ESAIP majors help you to make the right choice of programme at the end of the preparatory cycle.


The ESAIP preparatory cycle includes team projects that take place over several months.

Personal project

The personal project is over 2 years. It is a team project of 4 to 5 students. It aims to help you acquire skills in organization, project management, values… over and above the ones from a “normal” prepa.

You will be evaluated on : your ability to carry out a project, manage your time, your resources, your communication on your project and your ability to convince an audience.

The big idea: you choose the project that is important to you!

Examples: 4L Trophy, organization of events on disability or sport, parties, humanitarian or charity activities, creation of an association or a club, creation of video games…

Scientific projects

Scientific projects allow you to apply classroom theory, do in-depth research and demonstrate your analytical skills.


Short program abroad

Linguistic and cultural immersion in an English-speaking country is planned for the first year. The short program includes: cultural visits, company visits, workshops and conferences on the themes covered by our majors. The destinations are chosen to meet the students needs.(Europe or Asia).

Internship abroad

A one-month internship in an overseas company. Your choice of the company and the project.


Cycle open to French and international students with a Baccalaureate, French or IB, or equivalent Secondary School Diploma

  • Application fees: 40 €
  • Tuition fees: 5600 € per year (2 years)
  • Campus fees: 150 € / year (student and associative life)

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