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Every program has Internships. From 1 to 6 months with different skill sets and levels.
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To recruit your employees from esaip you can send your offers. They can be seen by our current students and alumni.

Support our development

Get involved with esaip

Depending on your needs and your projects, you can partner with esaip by hiring our graduates, receiving interns, but you can also :

  • Interact with our students: lectures, conferences, presentations of your company and / or your industry.
  • Become a member of the “Learning Advisory Board” which works on improving our curricula so that they continue to respond to business needs.
  • Welcome student group visits
  • Sponsor a student cohort.
  • Fund scholarships

LaSalle esaip Endowment Fund

By donatating or by sending us your French pay-roll tax you can help us :

  • Investments (equipment, ICT, laboratories).
  • Funding : analysis training needs, diagnoses, training project design, resources, management …for innovative programs.
  • Keeping school fees accessible for the young people who want to integrate our school.
  • The development of scholarships for our students.

Created in 2015, this fund allows you to show your support and help us to realize the projects of our students (particularly scholarships) whilst enjoying a reduction of 60% on the amount of French corporate taxes.

Research & Innovation

The esaip Research Centre brings together research and business in:

  • Digital: Information Theory, Big Data, Cyber Security
  • Risk Management: environmental and human resilience, risk management l

The esaip Research Center brings together researchers and companies to:

  • Develop applied research and technology transfer.
  • Provides expertise in our areas of research or contribute to our Scientific Advisory Board
  • Supporting our students with research oriented internships and or projects

Training your staff

Short courses and certifications

We offer training designed to meet your organization’s needs. The courses are led by experienced trainers who have your staff apply and transfer the new skills to their workplace.